The Arts

The following classes are either held at the Center for the Arts, or off-site at Club locations.

Drama Club: Members use their imaginations to create characters, scenes and stories, while being exposed to the fundamentals of theatre and drama. Members learn listening skills and develop spontaneity and creativity through warm-ups, theatre games and exercises and creative play.

Olivet Youth Chorus: Ages 6-12. Members will learn to develop an appreciation for music as part of general culture. Vocal techniques will be taught, knowledge and skills in listening to music. Members will perform at several different venues throughout the year.

Olivet Glee Club: Ages 13 and up. Members will sing and perform contemporary music made famous by today’s popular artists. Glee Club performs as a group; however, there are plenty of opportunities for solos and duets.

Digital Music Workshop: Ages 12 and up. Members learn to compose and arrange their very own music and beats using Apple computers and hardware from Cubase software. No prior musical training necessary, just a love of music and technology. The workshop is taught by a professional musician and producer. (Taught off-site at Goggle Works)

African Drumming: All ages, members will be instructed by professionally-trained drummers. They will be taught proper hand technique and how to make strong sounds using different areas of the djembe (African hand drum), all while learning global rhythms. Drummers have the opportunity to accompany our African Dance Team during performances.

Berks Pride: Ages 12 and up. The members of Berks Pride spread their message of living a drug, alcohol, tobacco and violence free life through drama, comedy, music and dance.

Wonta Nara: Ages 10 and up. Olivet’s very own African Dance Ensemble! Wonta Nara, which translates into “We are all ONE”, is taught by Janet Peck, who visits Africa yearly to study dance, drumming and the cultural traditions of Guinea, West Africa. Wonta Nara is a performance-oriented group for boys and girls.

Guitar: Ages 9 and up. There are three different levels of classes: beginners, advanced and performers. Through the beginner’s level, members will learn how to hold the guitar, numbering system and the parts of the guitar. Members will be introduced to basic guitar chords.

Guitar – Advanced: Ages 9 and up. Members must have successfully completed the basic level. Members will continue to hone their skills and be introduced to more complex chords.

Guitar – Performers: (Invitation Only). Ages 9 and up. Members must have successfully completed the beginners and advanced levels. Members will be introduced to more complex chords and will focus on their piece to perform in front of an audience. This group is featured at the organizations Steak and Burger event.

Piano Lab 1: All ages, members learn the basics of playing an electric piano: become familiar with the keyboard, learn the correct five-finger technique and musical notation.  In a short time members will be playing simple songs using both hands.

Piano Lab 2: All ages, members must have successful completed Piano Lab 1 to participate. Members will continue to develop their skills and learn how to play piano using new chords, as well as new rhythmic patterns.

Kids Dance: Ages 6-10. Our most popular class. Members are taught the latest dances and perform to the most popular songs. A dance routine is choreographed and taught to the members. The Kids Dance team is featured at many events at the Center for the Arts.

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