Heather Moyer

21st Century Development Specialist/District Grant Writer
Pottstown School District

Heather and her fiancé Matt, who reside in Upper Pottsgrove, will be marrying this coming December. She attended Spring-Ford High School and received her Masters of Educational Leadership from Edinboro University.

In 1994, while living on an Army base in Baumholder, Germany, Heather began her career specializing in at-risk youth education. Following her return to the USA, she continued her career path in not-for-profit services, primarily on the administration side of out-of-school-time programs.

For 2.5 years, Heather was the Chief Development Officer for Olivet Boys & Girls Club. Then, in 2017 she joined the Pottstown School District, where she is employed as the 21st Century Development Specialist/District Grant Writer.

Heather will have the following two campaign managers:

Tracy Heebner, owner of Salon Twenty-Two and Spa, won the 2017 Kiss-A-Pig contest and raised over $50,000. She is both the youngest and first Pottstown candidate to take the crown.

Kristin Eck, Sr. Administrative Assistant for UGI Utilities Inc. was the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Olivet Boys & Girls Club for 3 years. During those years, she was the heart behind the events scene.

Heather is honored and humbled to have the support of two wonderful women, who are both caring managers and devoted children’s advocates.

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