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On this site you will be able to register your child for the CFA and review the various programs we offer.  You will also have the option of paying the membership fees in full.  You must have a debit or credit card to register your child.

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PROGRAMS at the PAL CENTER FOR THE ARTS                                             FALL 2018

DRAMA CLUB (ages 6 – 10) Members learn to use the “actor’s tools” of the body, voice, mind and the imagination, and how to create real and imaginary characters and from original scenes and children’s stories.  Students develop their creativity, listening skills, spontaneity and teamwork through warm-ups, theatre games and exercises and creative play.

TEEN CHORUS (ages 13 and older) Sing and perform contemporary music made famous by today’s popular artists like John Legend, Adele and Ed Sheeran.  Teen Chorus performs in public as a group, but there are plenty of opportunities for SOLOS and duets.  Student artists from Teen Chorus have created 4 original songs with the assistance of the instructor.  Teen Chorus is sponsored by a grant from the Reading Musical Foundation.

DROP DA BEAT (aka DIGITAL MUSIC WORKSHOP; ages 11 and older)  Learn to compose and arrange your very own music and beats using Apple computers and hardware and Garage Band software.  No prior musical training necessary, just a love of music and technology.  The Workshop is taught by a professional musician and producer.  The Digital Music Workshop is sponsored by a grant from the Reading Musical Foundation.

GRAVITY STUDIO (ages 13 and older)  Olivet’s in-house recording studio is filled with all the  state-of-the-art equipment needed for members to record original and published music using vocals, instruments and digitally created files.  Members have the opportunity to be both artist and producer.  Classes are kept small to intensify the experience of working with professionals who understand teens, the creative process, the music industry and digital technology.  A creative STEAM mentoring experience!  Gravity Studios is a gift from and is sponsored  by the Reading Musical Foundation.

KEYBOARD LAB (ages 9 and older) Learn the basics of playing an electric piano: become familiar with the keyboard, learn the correct 5-finger technique and musical notation.  In a short time members will be playing simple songs using both hands. There are two levels of keyboard instruction: beginners and advanced.   Keyboard instruction is sponsored by a grant from the Reading Musical Foundation.

AFRICAN DRUMMING (ages 6 and older) Professional drummers teach proper hand technique and how to make strong sounds using different areas of the djembe (African hand drum),  and drumming with sticks, all while learning global rhythms and movements.  Drummers may have the opportunity to accompany our African Dance Ensemble.   Drumming Classes are sponsored by a grant from the Reading Musical Foundation.

WONTA NARA (ages 9 and older) Olivet’s very own West African Dance Ensemble!  Wonta Nara, which means “We are all ONE”, is taught by Janet Peck, who visits Africa yearly to study dance, drumming and the cultural traditions of Guinea, West Africa.  Wonta Nara is a Performance-oriented group for boys & girls and is a great cardiac/aerobic workout!

ART CLASS (Ages 9 and older) Each week a professional artist/educator instructs and encourages members to explore their creativity through exposure to different artistic mediums: watercolors, collage, clay, acrylics, pastels, mask-making, stamping, cartooning and many others.  Art Class is a gift sponsored by the Yocum Institute for Arts Education.

GUITAR CLUB (ages 9 and older) Olivet offers members 3 levels of Guitar instruction based on age, skills and prior experience: beginners, advanced and Performer Level.  Classes range in length from 20 to 45 minutes, and practice guitars are available.  Performer Level members have many opportunities for public performance.  Guitar Club is sponsored by a grant from the Reading Musical Foundation.

BERKS PRIDE (ages 11 and older) Olivet’s Teen Performance Ensemble creates, rehearses and performs scenes, comic skits, dances, songs and poetry about resisting peer pressure and the challenges, and benefits, of living a drug-, alcohol-, tobacco- and violence-free life.  Berks PRIDE performs at local public schools, health and community fairs and seasonal Olivet events.  Berks Pride is sponsored by a grant from the Council on Chemical Abuse.

OLIVET KIDS CHORUS (ages 6 – 12) teaches children the skills and fun of singing as a group.  Through games and instruction, members learn correct breathing and posture for singing, musical notation, pitch-matching and rhythms.  The group practices and memorizes songs especially written for young voices accompanied by movements that make Youth Chorus a BIG HIT at concerts and performances.  Youth Chorus is sponsored through a grant from the Reading Musical Foundation.

KIDS DANCE (ages 6 – 10) is a fun and energetic way for members to explore their love of music and dance using movement games, warm-up exercises and choreographed dances.  Members love that we use kid-friendly contemporary pop and hip-hop music that they hear on the radio as the background for their dances and performances.  Kids Dance is a gift sponsored by the Yocum Institute for Arts Education.

TAP (ages 9 and older) teaches members how to turn their feet, the floor and their entire body into a living, moving percussion instrument.  Members learn TAP vocabulary, the rhythms and basic (and “show-off”) steps, then put their beats to the sounds of today’s pop music and hip-hop.  Practice tap shoes are available.  Tap Class is a gift sponsored by the Yocum Institute for Arts Education.

SUMMER THEATRE CAMP (ages 9 – 18) is a full-day, Mon. through Fri., experience for 33 campers to study acting, dance, and vocal and instrumental music with trained musical theatre professionals.  The eight-week camp (mid-June to mid-August) culminates in three performances of a musical theatre production at the PAL Center for the Arts.  Theatre Camp is partially funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, the Wyomissing Foundation and Reading Musical Foundation.