Bryan Cole and Steven Fallon

Bryan Cole, his wife Janelle, and their sons, Logan and Gavin, are teaming up with fellow Sinking Spring residents; Dr. Steven Fallon, his wife Moira and their three children, Jonathan, Katie and Luke.  Both are active in local organizations including; IM ABLE Foundation.

Bryan serves as a board member on both the Wilson Education.  When asked his reasons for becoming a candidate, his response was, “I really like what the Olivet does to help kids. Being a father, I understand the sacrifice to try to give your kids a great childhood with fun experiences.  Having the Olivet give kids a camp experience that families might not otherwise be able to afford, is great!  I want to be a part of it and help as many kids as possible!”

Steven and his wife “feel incredibly blessed, and therefore are committed to giving back to help others in the community. We believe in Olivet’s mission to help the youth of Reading and are excited to help continue their work.”

Bryan Cole and Dr. Steven Fallon are partnering as candidates to be co-kissers of Maycie May.  Together with their wives; Janelle Cole and Moira Fallon; they will hold fun events to raise money with family, friends and business associates.…j-chicken-nugget/