Board of Directors Challenge

Board of Directors Challenge Olivet

If Olivet Boys & Girls Club is able to raise enough funds to cover 1 week of camp for 500 Club kids ($100,000) the Board of Directors will match the donation with an additional $35,000! Securing these funds ensures that our Club kids will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and explore while having a BLAST at summer camp this summer!


We only have until July 25th, 2017 to reach our $100,000 goal to receive the $35,000 match!

Our summer camp program costs approximately $200.00 a week per child to operate. Unfortunately, for the majority of our Club families, that cost is nearly impossible to afford.

Discounted rates are offered to eligible families, and members with good Club attendance throughout the year are able to attend camp for free. When all is said and done, we average less than $20 per child, for a program that costs $200.
We know our families need and often times rely on affordable summer camp opportunities.

Without a safe place (like Olivet) to go, kids are left to their own devices for the summer. While parents/ guardians are working, children may be unsupervised and engaging in activities that could jeopardize their safety and/or lead to problematic behaviors.

Furthermore, children without some form of summer programming often experience ‘brain drain’ which may lead to poor performance at the start of the school year.

Children deserve a program that is holistic in nature and cares for their whole being– physically, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually.

We’re seeking people willing to cover the cost of sending a kid to our summer camp. No child should be denied access to a productive, fun-filled summer program because of a lack of funds.

$200 covers one week for one Club kid, how many weeks can you cover?!

2017 Match

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