Academic Success

Our members are expected to graduate from high school on time and ready for college, military or trade school.

College Access

The goal of the Olivet Boys and Girls Club’s College Access Program is to assist low income/first-generation students with finding their “Best” College Match. A good college fit is one that meets the student’s academic, social, and financial needs. Students learn about the program through high school counselors, teachers, and other students.

The college prep sessions include assistance with developing college criteria, researching schools, estimating college costs, completing college applications, and signing-up for SATs/ACTs. There are a total of 34 sessions/year with an average of two to three sessions per month for graduating seniors with the exception of February. In February, the number increases to six or eight for completion of financial aid forms.


One of the most important areas where AmeriCorps members provide support is through the facilitation of a curriculum known as “Afterschool Kidz Lit”. Afterschool Kidz Lit is a reading enrichment program designed to increase motivation to read and enjoyment of reading, build vocabulary and comprehension skills as well as improve a youth’s ability to work with others in a group setting. As part of the curriculum, AmeriCorps members read fiction and non-fiction stories out loud to small groups of youth as well as lead engaging activities to help youth connect the main idea of the story to their own lives. Group discussion, art, writing, and movement are all used to strengthen youth’s thinking skills and promote social and emotional development.

Power Hour

“Making Minutes Count” helps Club members ages 6-18 achieve academic success by providing homework help, tutoring, and high-yield learning activities and encouraging members to become self-directed learners. Printed program materials include a resource guide for program coordinators, homework helpers and tutors and a poster-sized PowerPoint chart for tracking and rewarding participants’ progress.

Career Launch

This fun and exciting program prepares teens for the working world. Club teens 13-18 years old embark on a journey to explore careers, make sound educational decisions, and find success in the world of work. The program, sponsored by Bank of America and Gap Foundation, contains 20 sessions full of interactive activities designed to help teens prepare for 21st Century careers.