All photos by Reading Magazine.

Summer camp is all about fun activities, making new friends, and being creative. The Olivet Boys and Girls Club certainly delivered for youth participating in the organization’s summer camp program this year, hosting local field trips, swimming, and more.

Looking to spur the creativity of campers, Olivet directors offered several opportunities for youth to paint, draw, and be artistic over the summer. With hundreds of pieces of art collected over the weeks, site directors across Reading held an art show to showcase the campers’ artwork.

“It reminds us that regardless of our background, differences, and upbringing, we can all come together and create something beautiful,” said Jessii Garcia, Oakbrook Site Director.

Held Wednesday, August 18, “Multiple Impressions” was both an end-of-summer celebration for campers, and an art show featuring a red carpet photo booth, coloring activity station, food, and beverages for families.

“Our Olivet youth inspire us to look for hope through the eyes of the children. The Oakbrook art show was a celebration of Olivet’s hope-inspired art” said Christopher Winters, Olivet’s President & CEO.

“Seeing all of the families coming together to celebrate the diverse artistic impressions made by their children exemplified what makes the Olivet Boys & Girls Club so special. Congratulations to Oakbrook Site Director Jessii Garcia, Assistant Site Director Jafet Jaime, and the Oakbrook Team for the amazing art show!”

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