READING, PA- A group of more than 30 children in Reading learned Monday how to tackle the hurdles life will throw at them.

The event, “Tips for Overcoming Adversity,” was held at Olivet Boys and Girls Club’s Oakbrook location and aimed to give the kids advice and tools they can use when facing the inevitable hardships they will face in the future or currently face.

“I hope it was a call to action,” said Margie Pizarro, the leadership coach who led the session. “When young people are challenged to grow and become the leaders they should be, they really respond to that.”

Pizarro said she wanted to inspire the children to make their dreams a reality.

The event was also part of a Global Youth Initiative led by The John Maxwell Team, a company that instructs people on how to become better leaders in their communities.

Pizarro, who hails from Reading and now lives in Palm Beach, Fla., is a certified John Maxwell Team member and speaker.

The event was hosted by RIZE, a local youth arts organization and members of the organization attended the event alongside Olivet club members.

Pizarro asked the children about the dreams they want to achieve. The group then discussed how focusing on their futures, owning up to their mistakes, challenging themselves and understanding their strengths can help them make their dreams come true.

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